The Naked Polygraph Project


Oils on 50 x 50 cm stretched canvas (web store). 

Memo to the Department of Fantasy Fulfillment:

Today on The Science Creative Quarterly I explain how mass surveillance programs hurt security—and how next-generation polygraph (“lie detector”) programs that are one example of such programs have been recently field-tested in the U.S. and Europe for mass screenings at border checkpoints. To prevent the widespread adoption of these programs harming security, protect innocent people including millions of future climate refugees from being subjected to such technologies, and have more fun at festivals by bringing something more of my own to the party, I propose to develop the Naked Polygraph. The Naked Polygraph Project involves figuring out how these things work, breaking them, and showing others how to break them. This fantasy project has the following fantasy needs…




Lafayette (LX) 5000 Polygraph System (federal standard), including seat and foot pads

Other polygraphs of similar class, analogue and digital

– For example, LX 4000. Its established vulnerability to a glitch underscores the need to use both analogue and digital equipment in executing a hypothetical class break.

– Lafayette’s primary competitor is Stoelting.

Next-Generation Polygraphs

The Department of Homeland Security’s FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology) toys

The National Center for Border Security and Immigration’s AVATAR (Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real-Time)


Manuals for such equipment

Documents relating to use of such equipment

– My encrypted contact info is on my about page.

– My experience working with this sort of material includes National Science Foundation-supported Doctoral Dissertation research, collaboration on a national investigative series, NSF postdoctoral research, and making Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) history.


Extra ropes for tying people up when the polygraph does not satisfy.


Shut down all the polygraph programs in the world

Interrogation best practices reform and accountability for torture as long-standing police practice

End mass surveillance

Not get killed

Reconcile self to the dominance of corrupt rent-seeking élites

Make fun of “lie detection” in an evidence-based, fun way that eventually empowers people to learn how these things really work

Create the evidence that might prevent widespread adoption of next-generation polygraph technologies that would harm security and innocent people alike

Create the evidence for others to establish legal precedent making that prevention last a few generations because we have other stuff to do



This is not a counter-intelligence project. I am not a spy or a terrorist, although I’ve been told some people at the Department of Defense think otherwise. The Naked Polygraph Project is an independent, non-partisan, translational art + science + human rights project that seeks to prove and raise awareness of flaws in technologies that may be abused to deprive people of human rights including privacy, movement, and asylum. Unlike previous polygraph critics who have recently gone to jail for allegedly teaching counter-measures to people who planned to lie to federal agents, we intervene before hackers, scientists, and other at-risk groups agree to talk to feds at all.