Methods Consulting

I am available for private research methods, data science, and statistical consulting. Gain new insights into your work through methods, whether you need help conceptualizing or publishing. Reach out to me at vera [at] verawil [dot] de. 

Training and Experience
As a methodologist, I’ve studied bias and pseudoscience for a living for over a decade. I’ve had the good fortune to certify in Field Experiments at ICPSR, use my graduate public health and sociology survey research methods training in original by-mail survey research, perform psychophysiology studies in a metal cage, run several M-Turk studies before M-Turk was cool, and successfully sue the Department of Defense for mishandling a Freedom of Information request. Here’s a recent article of mine using p-curve analysis for publication bias testing, and another translating some criticisms of statistical significance testing misuse for a popular audience. Statistics reform is of special interest (e.g., common misuses of statistical significance and publication bias testing). I write a newsletter, Wilde Truth, at the intersection of science and activism that deals with that among other topics. This post on Bayes’ rule is my favorite. 

Varies depending on manuscript length and content, type of assistance requested, number of meetings, and deadline. Typical ranges include $800-1200 for an article, $500-700 for a grant proposal, hourly billing ($120-$150) for general brainstorming meetings, designing analysis, statistical modelling, results interpretation, communicating results, and responding to reviewer requests. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your work and goals, and then send an estimate.