About Vera Wilde



Vera Wilde (1984) is an American researcher. She obtained her Ph.D. in politics from the University of Virginia before holding postdoctoral positions in psychology at UCLA and government at Harvard, all supported by the National Science Foundation among other granting institutions and award-givers. She is ICPSR-certified in field experiments. Her experiences as a family member of a then-undiagnosed lupus patient and later as the head of a lupus patient support group chapter informed her dissertation research on a diagnosis decision support tool. This experience and knowledge in turn informed her recent book chapter, “Shame, Name, Give Up the Game? Three Approaches to Uncertainty,” in Diagnoses Without Names: Challenges for Medical Care, Research, and Policy, ed. Michael D. Lockshin, Mary K. Crow, and Medha Barbhaiya, published in June 2022 with Springer. 

Dr. Wilde’s Ph.D. research also extended her keen interest in AI to other case studies, primarily polygraphs (lie detectors), beginning with a series of interviews and culminating in a national investigative series collaboration. She has continued to publish on lie detection (see, e.g., iborderctrl.no), spoken on Internet freedom, and been an outspoken voice of first principles and sound science when it comes to technology. Her case seeking polygraph records for research under Freedom of Information law was supported by the Knight Foundation and decided by then-Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh in favor of governmental secrecy in the name of security, despite of his later-infamous rejection of polygraphs as unreliable. She has researched policing, technology, and their intersections in lie detection for over 10 years, collaborating with a variety of investigative journalists, researchers, activists, and others. Applications include international security and border security

Dr. Wilde’s current research focuses on preventable harm associated with the modern invention of “exclusive breastfeeding.” The first and second peer-reviewed article offshoots of that book project are indexed in PubMed, and the full-text articles are available here (on associated preventable harm to newborns) and here (on the neonatal jaundice-autism link). 




Art: paintings; poetry


Contact: vera at verawil dot de, +49 151 5907 5245 (texts via Signal preferred)