About Vera Wilde


Vera Wilde (1984) is an American AI ethics researcher and artist (working primarily in oil paint [link coming soon…] and poetry). 

She has a PhD in politics and has among other things studied racial bias and police violence. Seeing where things were headed, she decided to get the hell out of America in 2015. She has since resettled in Berlin. 

Photo: Eva Infeld.

Being unable to deal with America any longer has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel more at home in Berlin than I have anywhere else and I look forward to helping other artists and activists feel at home here as the world gets crazier and the resistance regroups to heal and kick ass.

After a year without a studio, I moved into an apartment with a dedicated art space in early 2016. It meant the world to me to be able to paint again, because there’s nothing like it. During my vagabonding, studio-free painting hiatus, I worked wherever I could: on a hostel rooftop in Mexico City, off a development researcher’s porch in Brighton, in a hackerspace’s attic in Holland. So it has been a privilege to return to my craft in a space full of light, air, and love — with everything I need to do what I need to do: Synthesize new inspiration from my travels into new work. And show you the best of that work now.

My new work draws inspiration from diverse influences: my new home city of Berlin, political issues of the day such as state violence against people, poetry, sculpture, and friends. “Mind Over Matter,” the pièce de résistance in this selection, is inspired by Jonathan Bachman’s iconic photo of Ieshia Evans protesting with Black Lives Matter against the Baton Rouge police killing of Alton Sterling.

With this showcase of the best of my new Berlin oeuvre I hope to participate – in my own humble way – in the current global resistance to resurgent fascism. As the historical chiasmus of refugee flows closes and people flee to Berlin instead of away from it, we celebrate the Global Berlin Secession from right-wing authoritarianism. Historically this phenomenon is the third Berlin Secessionist art movement: Berlin artists first led a Berlin Secession of impressionists against the art establishment, and then a New Secession of expressionism broke away to share its vision. Now artists, writers, journalists, hackers, activists, political dissidents, and human rights advocates gather here to regroup and share their visions for a better world. A world of cooperation instead of conflict, empathy instead of disregard, and vibrant colors instead of black and white.

Previous: Internationally recognized security theater critic, still screaming about Bayes, Harvard Kennedy/UCLA Psychology postdoctoral scholar, transparency activist, columnist on security and gratitude, Pacific Standard featured scholar, University of Virginia Politics Ph.D., high school dropout. 

To me, Oscar Wilde best deals with the tension between truth-telling and peace-making that artists, whistleblowers, and other meaning-makers have always struggled with. That’s why I took his name. 




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