Push Coasts-Home Shores

This is part of the online, illustrated version of Push Coasts. The four sections of the book are: Home Shores, New Coasts, Back and Gone and Home in the World. Ebook here. Print version here. All poems are Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA-4.0-Int) licensed.


Home Shores

“… the worst thing you can do to somebody is not to make her scream in agony but to use that agony in such a way that even when the agony is over, she cannot reconstitute herself… She becomes irrational not in the sense that she has lost contact with reality but in the sense that she can no longer rationalize—no longer justify herself to herself.”

—Richard Rorty, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity



Gold Coast

Right to Silence

Right to Bear

What Do Irises Want?


The Shadow


Feral People Overrun the Town like Hungry Cats

But We Should Take No Souvenirs

A Recipe for Melting It Down

All the World’s a Set