But We Should Take No Souvenirs

“But We Should Take No Souvenirs”


“If thou couldst empty all thyself of self,

Like to a shell disinhabited,

Then might He find thee on the Ocean shelf…”

T.E. Brown, “Indwelling”


I want someone to find me

isn’t this a dumb fantasy

and pulling my rough edges

out of the sand


as if worried for the tide and gulls

worried someone else will first

worried I am lonely for touch

empty and sand-covered though I am

I want someone to pick me up

and hold me in the warm spoon of the palm

brush me off and look at the brushstrokes

of the canyons and ridges rippling out

from my opened spine

running kind fingers up and down it

thinking not

where is the other half

what lived here once

should I throw it back where it came from

but ah, this is mine

this is complete

this is one to keep