Push Coasts-Home in the World

This is part of the online, illustrated version of Push Coasts. The four sections of the book are: Home Shores, New Coasts, Back and Gone and Home in the World. Ebook here. Print version here. All poems are Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA-4.0-Int) licensed.

Home in the World

“streets are public land, the most public property that belongs to everyone.”

— Robert Tannen


Nobody Told Me

[  ] <–

Yes, I Have Been A Translator

There Was A Little Girl

Reverse Hecuba

Anna K. Walks Away

Wtf, Butterfly?

A Pretty Poem About Signaling and Flowers

Raggedy Thing

Wild Horses

This Is My Raft

This Is My Tent

This Is My House

The Sociality of Dreams

Rainbow From Above

Dawn in Time

The Listening Heron

Stain Louis

Showing Up to the Mistake

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

Every Day

To a Tiny Tree in St. James’s Park, London

Walkabout the Thames

I Will Be the Truest Thing

Dreamers Rise

To Be Given the World