Anonymous Love (Reprise, reprise)

Oils on oils on oils on 40 x 40 stretched canvas. 
Oils on oils on oils on 40 x 40 stretched canvas. 


is the deadline to play my art raffle game.

Also the day a two-day hearing starts in the UK in which a student fights US extradition. 



The game: give one euro, get one chance to win a painting. 

The student: electrical engineering student, Finnish conscientious objector, UK hacker, musician, privacy and surveillance expert, computer scientist, Occupy activist, certified Aspergiac, and alleged Anonymous participant in peaceful political protest that large numbers of people participated in as part of #OpLastResort, Lauri Love



Donate to Lauri Love’s Courage Foundation legal defense fund in support of his fight against US extradition. Just give to Courage directly and email me the receipt. 



Play my art raffle game now, or else I will keep painting over this layer of a reprise of a painting of a few variations on a  general theme or two until I like it or throw it away. 

Also because shit is so fucked up that people like Lauri and Aaron even have to fight these battles. They tend to have to do it with very poor institutional and social support. They cannot and should not have to do it alone. 

Thanks to everyone who supports Lauri, Courage, and the freedoms of speech, association, information, thought, and active conscience for which they stand.