Newsletter Change

“These are your privacy settings. Blink to accept,” oils on 100 x 80 cm stretched canvas, 2017-18. 

As I mentioned in my newsletter last week… Due to changes in European data law (GDPR, taking effect this week)—and my impression that social media is crap—I’m leaving MailChimp.

I’ll just email people who want to continue receiving infrequent updates about my art, writing, and other goings-on. What that means for my website is that now the newsletter sign-up on the side-bar is gone. So, like it says on my About page, just email me (if you haven’t already) if you would like to receive infrequent updates on my art, writing, research, etc.

Either way, I’m deleting my MailChimp account and all the data it holds this week. I’m so much happier off Facebook and Twitter.  And I don’t want / use / even know all the data MailChimp collects on email marketing… So I know it’s going to feel better to not have that lying around, either.