Wilde Truth: The Polygraph Files


Today on The Memory Hole 2 I re-release and curate an archive of polygraph files—documents relating to government lie detection programs that I helped obtain, analyze, and make public as part of my University of Virginia Politics graduate research. Among other things, the documents show the CIA broke the law and lied to Congress about it, polygraphers themselves complained to the U.S. government about how it used polygraphs overseas—and were apparently ignored, and federal security agencies really, really don’t want to have to come out and say that they act like equal opportunity law doesn’t apply to them when they damn well please. And no, you can’t check their numbers to see if bias is a thing. Nothing to see here.

If you like this sort of thing, support my Naked Polygraph Project—a 100% non-terrorist, non-spy, equal opportunity authoritarian-hating art-science-fun project that seeks to prove and raise awareness of flaws in technologies that may be abused to deprive quite a few people of human rights including privacy, movement, and asylum.