Back in the oil painting mines, day 3

Another hard day in the oil painting mines, in my new studio full of light and air, in my new home full of love, in my new hometown full of friends.

#4 from day 2 is still my current favorite… Of the first bit of the new oeuvre. 

Next: Making music out loud with company before enjoying other people’s stand-up comedy!

I suppose I need to work harder on getting composition training, get back to writing projects with audiences and deadlines in mind, all kinds of work on the apocryphal album, and my new draft stand-up material needs a comedy workshopping buddy here… Wonder if I should have a plan and hone instead of trying to make more and better mess in this broad way. That discipline thing just didn’t work for me like this flow thing does. Artists gonna art. And anyway I’m so happy, being this way feels so right, right now. I’m safe. I’m loved. It’s finally blue skies and sunny in Berlin. Spring is here. 

But Verdammt, dies alles in Deutsch sein sollte!