May 2016: Here are links to my most recent recorded performances. You can see me getting better from my lightening talk on the dark web at Chaos Communication Camp (Aug. 2015), to my stand-up open mic’ing (April 18April 22April 28; May 12; May 13, 2016). With a little help from my friends… 



Previously: Performance is a thing I have done in lots of ways—e.g., music, plays, stand-up, teaching and other acts of pretend competence. I need to be better at it. The getting better is scary except when it’s not. This is confusing and gives me three options:

1. Noisy pole. Banish performance anxiety the hard way (performing). 

2. Quiet pole. Quietly paint and write poetry (not performing). 

3. Pursue some reasonably happy middle road on which I make my art better before taking it outside to make it better (but don’t wait for perfect to get better). 

Quiet pole might be who I am even though it’s not who I want to be… Getting better at it the hard way seems the best way though to #3…