Amazon CreateSpace Publishing Rights Restored

I love doing business with Amazon. They’re really good about making things right. 

Kinda seems like a policy that might be improved there is in cases where the IRS says someone’s tax info is off, and Amazon is gonna suspend publishing rights til that’s fixed. The IRS is notoriously vulnerable to political abuses. And tax info is encrypted in Amazon’s system—good on them for using proper information security. But that encryption in this context also means they can’t see your tax info to begin telling you what might be wrong. 

So as far as I knew, my tax info was correct and complete, but the IRS was able to get my Amazon publishing right suspended when I was talking about publishing a political book. It was probably just a regular ol’ red tape snag. But this system is vulnerable to abuse, and the very privacy protection meant to keep people’s tax info safe also makes it harder to keep the system from being abused.