Lost in Woods, Don’t Send Help

Did I say I was in Lisbon? What I meant was, I was in Lisbon. 

I seem to be on the road again. An EDTR web FAQ page exists—an interview in Redbird on my first book, paintings, surveillance, and more is done and coming soon—and I have almost gotten my next priority project down to one thing. 

Actually, I had it down to one thing. But then a lovely French family accosted me in a seaside café as I re-combobulated my scribbles to ask if I was writing a book—I am! I am writing a book!—and they wanted it to be a children’s book after I drew one of their ridiculously beautiful daughters, and now I want it to be a children’s book, too, and I had a list of those, but it wasn’t flowing, the drafts weren’t good enough, and now I have to have another walk, think, talk, walk, walk, walk on the question of the next priority project. What is best. What offers most value to most people. Truth and beauty explosions eminent.