The best way to support me right now is to go on art and travel adventures with me, or talk with me about truth and beauty. 


Pretty shiny things

I used to have a PayPal button here, but PayPal has behaved so unethically with respect to digital civil disobedience that I don’t do business with them. Starving artists gonna starve. 

Fellow nerds may use Bitcoin—

You can also buy my first poetry book, Push Coasts, through Amazon—although they’re also a horrible company to do business with in political terms. And really, you should just enjoy it online because art and information are free: free ebook (unillustrated) and web feature (illustrated with my paintings). Now the link to the book as a physical object: buy a hard copy (unillustrated for now) if you must. 



Are being made again at last and will be sold again soon, too. 

My old Etsy store, Wilde Thinks, doesn’t currently have active listings since I don’t currently have an oeuvre on the Continent where I live. But do feel free to go pick up the oil paintings I left on this nice development studies researcher’s porch in Brighton when I was looking for a place to lay my head and needed to paint more than I needed to figure out what to do after painting. 



I love that my Zazzle store, Wilde Thinks, has item descriptions in German as well as English. SO COOL!!!

But the profit margin on this stuff is so tiny, you should probably wait until it comes out on TV or I rejigger a proper business model or whatever.

Besides, MERCHANDISE? What am I, John Oliver





                      Photo: Dennis van Zuijlekom
                      Photo: Dennis van Zuijlekom
                      Photo: Dennis van Zuijlekom
                      Photo: Dennis van Zuijlekom
                      “Riding Storms,” oils on 16″ x 20″.