Publications, Postcards, and A Poem

This year I published a peer-reviewed article and got a book chapter accepted in a forthcoming book. The article, “Breastfeeding Insufficiencies: Common and Preventable Harm to Neonates,” is indexed in PubMed and the full-text is available here. The book chapter, “Shame, Name, Give Up the Game? Three Approaches to Uncertainty,” is forthcoming in Diagnoses Without Names: Challenges for Medical Care, Research, and Policy, ed. Michael D. Lockshin, Mary K. Crow, and Medha Barbhaiya, with Springer. 

I also made many more lovely postcards from home, this time with additional assistance. 

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2022. 

“I Heard a Bird Sing”

I heard a bird sing
     In the dark of December
A magical thing
     And sweet to remember. 

“We are nearer to Spring
     Than we were in September.” 
I heard a bird sing
     In the dark of December. 

                                –   Oliver Herford