The Anti-Cogito

Spring painting continues.
“The anti-cogito.” Acrylic, pencils, ink on stretched canvas. Straight lines read “Cogito ergo sum falsus” (repeating), while wavy lines read “Je me sens donc je suis.” A repudiation of Descartes in line with modern decision-making science.
“Cogito ergot [sic] sum falsus.” Gouache and acrylic on paper. Almost in time for bicycle day.
“Cogito, ergo sum falsus.” Acrylics and ink on canvas. Wavy lines at top quote in red from Stephen Porges’s The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory: “In a critical sense, when it comes to identifying safety from an adaptive survival perspective, the ‘wisdom’ resides in our body and in the structures of our nervous system that function outside the realm of awareness” (p. 43). Way lines in the middle in purple: “In contrast to reptiles, mammals have two vagal circuits: an unmyelinated vagus shared with reptiles and a uniquely mammalian circuit that is myelinated. The two vagal circuits originate in different areas of the brainstem” (p. 62-3).
“Je me sens, donc je suis.” Gouache and mirrors on paper.
“She rides through lavender fields,” gouache and mirrors on paper.
“Lavender fields,” gouache and mirror on paper.