Parliament at Dawn


Oils on 60 x 80 cm stretched canvas. 

Commissioned by the Honorable Jakob Maria Mierscheid, MdB (SPD). Painted from a photograph I took at dawn, after biking around the ghost town of sleeping summer Berlin in the early morning light.

Parliament houses the only Parliamentary inquiry globally to date investigating American mass surveillance and targeted surveillance of political leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel. U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called the inquiry “more dangerous than the Snowden revelations,” illustrating the danger the American deep state perceives itself to be in when democratic partners insist on rule of law.

The medium fits the message here in that sense. There’s license with the photorealistic aspect, just as there’s interpretation in law. But it’s moored in the proportions of reality. Just like rule of law. (Right, guys? RIIIIGHT?????)