New Paintings Hanging at Home

New Paintings Hanging at Home 07-04-16

Finally got a batch of over 20 paintings in my new Continental oeuvre completed. I paint the sides with acrylic because oils are too hard to turn and dry for that finishing step. It’s a chore, it requires different tools, and some artists don’t bother with this step. But once you’ve seen the sides painted, you cannot look at the other and not see unfinished product.

We also tried three new ways of mounting and stringing monofilament (clear fishing tackle) on the backs for picture rail hanging. Picture rails are rails you install on the top of the wall to hang paintings from—a way of hanging lots of galleries and artists use that keeps their walls from swiftly becoming Swiss cheese from nail holes. With a little trial and error (and some new tools), we hit on a new way of jiggering canvas to hang, on picture rails or otherwise. It involves a really serious stapler, and is fast, easy, sturdy—professional.

It feels so good to have my work hanging in my home. Suddenly my art is alive again in a very real way. Time for a show…