Open Letters to Senators

such as these are happening now — in follow-up to my just-published open letter response to Senator Feinstein on backdoored mass surveillance

As my letter to Senator Feinstein notes, the Justice Department allegedly backdoored the big post-Watergate domestic spying legislation (FISA). So mass surveillance doesn’t just continue post-Snowden. Illegal domestic surveillance and psyops continued post-Watergate on a built-in technicality.

Congress should fix that now. But Congress is a big, noisy mess of lots of people and factions. So whose job is this? 

Al Franken runs the subcommittee of Senate Judiciary that is basically the mass surveillance subcommittee. And if you put “National Security Threat” in the subject line of an email to a Senator, they probably have to read it. Right? 


Dear Senator Franken, 

As a former Harvard Kennedy postdoc, I’m concerned about a growing national security threat I’ve recently started writing about here

I’m sure this will come as a great shock to you since I’ve only written you a gazillion times before. What can I say? You’re brilliant. I’m persistent. 

Today I published an open letter to Senator Feinstein that asks people call you and a few others. I want to be sure you know where that’s coming from. The letter is here. It’s about how DoJ appears to have backdoored FISA, mass surveillance continues, and we need a truth & reconciliation commission. I hope you’ll continue your inspiring leadership by taking the helm on this important issue. 

Thanks and best,