These paintings are mostly from March 2016 (when I got into my new studio) to spring 2017. More recent work is currently on my blog (e.g., in the Nuremberg 2027 series of pencils, pens, gouache, and mixed media on paper). Still more recent work was previously on Instagram, but then I got off social media entirely because I’m happier that way. Thus at the moment, you can only see my most recent paintings on my blog or in a private viewing at my studio in Berlin.

Someday I will fix this, and more recent as well as older art will also appear in this web store—better showing how long I’ve been making art, how my practice has grown and changed over the years, and what I’m up to now. For instance, here is an old compilation of art I made to illustrate the concept in my PhD dissertation that there is no psychic X-ray. Here are some of the paintings, largely still lives of flowers, that I was best known for exhibiting and selling in Virginia from 2006-2013. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me about purchasing or commissioning work not listed here, or to arrange a viewing or discuss an exhibit opportunity.

Also please note that all original fine art sales to U.S. customers are duty-free under Chapter 97 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. No money from any of my sales goes to support the Trump Administration or the U.S. Government. Rather, I pay taxes in Germany, where I have state-subsidized health insurance as an artist.